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At Aperture Alley, we strive to provide our customers with stunning photographs that capture their precious moments. As professional photographers, we want to ensure that you understand the importance of copyright and the rights associated with the images we create. Here's a breakdown of photographic copyright and how it relates to you:

WHAT IS COPYRIGHT? Copyright is a legal protection that grants exclusive rights to the creator of original works, including photographs. It safeguards the rights of photographers by prohibiting others from reproducing, distributing, or using their images without permission. Copyright ownership allows photographers to control how their work is used and ensures fair compensation for their creative endeavors.

OWNERSHIP AND USAGE RIGHTS As professional photographers, we retain the copyright to all the images we capture. This means that we have the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, display, or sell these photographs. However, we understand the importance of granting our clients the ability to use and share their images for personal purposes.

PERSONAL USAGE AND RIGHTS As our valued customer, we grant you personal usage rights to the photographs we capture during your session. This includes the right to display, share, and print the images for personal use, such as displaying them in your home, sharing them on social media, or creating personal albums or prints.

RESTRICTIONS ON COMMERCIAL USE It's important to note that personal usage rights do not extend to commercial use of the images without explicit permission. This means that you cannot use the photographs for commercial purposes, such as advertising, promotion, or any activity that generates revenue without obtaining the appropriate licensing or agreement from us.

PHOTOGRAPHER'S PORTFOLIO As professional photographers, we take pride in showcasing our work to potential clients. With your consent, we may include a selection of the photographs from your session in our portfolio, on our website, or in promotional materials. This allows us to demonstrate our style, expertise, and the types of services we offer. However, we will always respect your privacy and will not use any images that you request to keep private.

If you have any specific concerns or questions about photographic copyright, we encourage you to discuss them with us. We believe in transparent communication and want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your rights and our responsibilities.

Remember, copyright protection benefits both the photographer and the client. It allows us to continue creating exceptional images for you while protecting our creative work. Thank you for entrusting us with capturing your precious moments, and we look forward to providing you with timeless and remarkable photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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