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Photo Session Prep

Here’s a short “Don’t forget!” list of items that you want to keep in mind when you get ready for the photo session. You will be freezing a moment in time, so you want to make sure that you capture yourself with heart-warming thoughts in your head, ample time, and with the fewest distractions possible. The following is a shortlist of things to consider when you come to the photo-session.

  • Matching clothes. 

    Please come dressed in the clothing as previously discussed with the photographer that matches your group in color and, preferably, in style. An example would be a white top (e.g., T-shirt, shirt, blouse) and blue bottom (e.g., jeans, slacks, etc.). Uniformity is the key – avoid patterns and flashy accents. The goal is not to distract from the most important component of the picture: the faces.

  • Time. 

    If you are rushed during the photo session, it will show in the picture.
    Relax and come with ample time. Do not plan anything immediately after
    the photo session, as things may go longer than you think. Make sure you
    know the location ahead of time and consider parking.

  • Hairbrush. 

    If you have long hair, please bring a hairbrush. Your fingers may not do the job, and using someone else’s hairbrush is like someone else’s toothbrush… Why is this so important? Your hair is a very important part of the overall picture… #2 after the eyes. We may choose a lighting setup where, literally, every single hair is visible. You don’t want to look like you just stuck your finger into an electrical outlet. And yes: if you’re a guy, this applies to you, too!


  • Make-up, mirror, small towel. 

    Optional, but always good if you want to touch up a bit. The towel? People tend to get hot in
    California even in shorts, so three of layers of thick garments are not going to make you cooler.
    With a small hand towel in your pocket, you'll feel more comfortable. Conversely, if the session
    happens in the cooler season, bring a jacket as you may get cold.

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